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Wellness Program

The School of Medicine Wellness Program

Training to become a physician is both stressful and rewarding. To support and prepare our students, the UC Riverside School of Medicine has developed a wellness program that promotes healthful habits and provides a secure support network of faculty and peers.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Establish a support network of peers and have this network guided by informed faculty,
  • Promote communication through informal advising and mentoring.
  • Provide group experiences outside of school to support the idea of well-rounded students.

By providing students with an outlet or “safety zone,” we hope to combat burnout and depression while promoting healthful living with an emphasis on:

  • Taking a holistic approach to well-being.
  • Promoting life-long healthful habits.
  • Providing a support network of peers.
  • Creating opportunities for group interactions focused on being well-rounded.
  • Being student centered.

Visit the Student Event Calendar to see a list of the upcoming activities

Wellness Events

The Office of Student Affairs will sponsor select events that fall underneath the categories of personal, physical, spiritual and community wellness. These include the annual "Unwind Your Mind" and Med Prom events.

Proposals for additional wellness events will be solicited at the beginning of each academic year. As there is limited funding for these activities, sponsorship priority will be given to events with a higher level of overall student participation.

Wellness Program Categories

  • Personal - (cooking club, reading club, music)
    Find ways to use personal strengths to identify specialty options; Identify people with shared visions. Find activities that offer opportunities to learn about various career options. Organize group activities such as musical or theater performances and visits to museums or exhibits.
  • Physical – (exercise club, basketball, baseball teams, games)
    Encourage physical activity to get a minimum of 30 minutes of activity at least five times a week. Organize games and participate in team or Intramural sports. Participate in charity walks and races.
  • Community – (Student Run Health Clinic (SRHC), Health Sciences Partnership (HSP))
    Give back to the community in ways that connect to each person’s personal mission. Volunteer time or help to raise funds for a worthy cause.  Participate in community outreach and School of Medicine Pipeline Programs.
  • Spiritual – (retreats, religious fellowship in community, spiritual readings).
    Mindfulness activities that offer opportunities for self-reflection (i.e., meditation, journaling, yoga, religious services).