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Third Year Compliance & Clinical Onboarding Requirements

Third Year Compliance & Clinical Onboarding Requirements

All third-year medical students will need to complete the following documentation. All required clinical site documentation is due no later than Monday, May 3 2021.  Most clinical onboarding documents will be assigned to you and uploaded by you via your CastleBranch ProTracker account.

Health Screening/Immunizations

Download the Annual Student Immunization requirement information sheet.

  • TDAP booster (if last booster was received more than 10 years ago).
  • IGRA blood test for Tuberculosis screening (PPD Skin Test is not acceptable) - Due upon expiration.
  • Annual flu shot (Due after new vaccine is released – no later than October 31, 2021).

Criminal Background Check

  • Information Coming Soon

UC Learning Online Training Modules (Recertifications - Due Upon Expiration)

Select each link below to register for these modules, then upload the Certificate of Completion to your CastleBranch Compliance Tracker once you have complete each module.

The SOM Student Training List includes links to the following required modules:

  • Vendor Policy Training
  • Healthcare Privacy Training
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training
  • Code of Conduct Training

Drug Screen Test

To be completed via CastleBranch NO EARLIER THAN June 1, 2021.

Basic Life Saving (CPR) Recertification

Class will be scheduled during Clinical Foundations Week.

Mask Fit Test

Complete Request for Mask Fitting

Clinical Compliance and Onboarding Packets by Site

All students are subject to rotation assignments at Riverside University Health System (RUHS) or Riverside Community Hospital (RCH), and must create an account on ClinicianNexus for direct onboarding. 

Students assigned to the following sites will need to complete additional onboarding requirements. Only complete this documentation if you are required to do so:
Citrus Tower Student Onboarding
Pacific Grove Hospital Student Onboarding
Corona Regional Medical Center Student Onboarding
Riverside Medical Clinic

Onboarding via CastleBranch ProTracker

Beaver Medical Group Onboarding via CastleBranch ProTracker
Eisenhower Medical Center

Onboarding via CastleBranch ProTracker

Kaiser Permanente

Onboarding via CastleBranch ProTracker

San Antonio Regional Hospital

Onboarding via CastleBranch ProTracker

Inland Valley/Rancho Springs Medical Center Onboarding via CastleBranch ProTracker
Temecula Valley Hospital Onboarding via CastleBranch ProTracker
St. Bernardine Medical Center Onboarding via CastleBranch ProTracker
Patton State Hospital Direct site onboarding