Required Documentation

Before your arrival to UCR, please review all of the material below and submit the information requested. Note that most items have deadlines prior to the beginning of Orientation Week on August 3, 2020.

Financial Aid Application/FAFSA/Scholarships

If you have not already completed your financial aid application package, contact Kathleen Buckner at (951) 827-7343 or immediately for assistance. You can visit the Financial Aid website for information on merit and needs-based scholarships.

Statement of Legal Residence

Please complete the Statement of Legal Residence to ensure your institutional fees are assessed correctly.

HIPAA Release Form

The UCR School of Medicine requires that each student sign a HIPAA Confidentiality Statement as required under the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The form must be uploaded to the compliance tracker no later than July 24, 2020. DETAILS COMING SOON.

Health Screening Requirements

You are required to complete the Incoming Students Immunization Requirements, as well as the Annual Student Immunization Requirements. All requirements must be uploaded to the compliance tracker no later than July 24, 2020. DETAILS COMING SOON.

UCR Student Health Insurance

If you are not covered by personal health insurance, you are eligible for the UCR Graduate Student Health Insurance Program (GSHIP). You must either complete the GSHIP application through the Campus Health Center or submit a waiver request if you are covered by your own health insurance.

Online Training

All incoming medical students must complete several online training modules prior their first day of orientation. All training is conducted via the UC Learning Center. Incoming students will need to add their profile to the UC Learning Center site after receiving their UCR NetID.

NOTE: If you have issues logging in, please contact the UC Learning Center at  

Upon completion of each training, you will upload your Certificate of Completion to the compliance tracker.  All UC Learning certificates must be uploaded later than July 24, 2020. DETAILS COMING SOON.