Student Interest Groups

The School of Medicine has a variety of student-run specialty interest groups that facilitate interaction and dialogue with relevant specialty physicians. The interest groups help organize specialty panels and also schedule sessions on topics related to residency.

For information on joining a specific group, contact or visit the Office of Student Affairs.

American Medical Student Association - UC Riverside School of Medicine Chapter

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is a student-governed, national organization committed to representing the concerns of physicians-in-training. 

AMSA is committed to:

  • Improving health care and health care delivery to all people.
  • Promoting active improvement in medical education.
  • Involving its members in the social, moral, and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine.
  • Assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems.
  • Contributing to the welfare of medical students.
  • Advancing the profession of medicine.

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group is composed of UCR medical students who are interested in pursuing careers in emergency medicine. Our aim is to perpetuate interest in the field of emergency medicine as well as highlight the opportunities available before, during and after emergency medicine residency. Our goal is to hold regular educational meetings, workshops, real-life simulations, provide resources on emergency medicine residency programs, offer career advice, as well as establish shadowing opportunities. We hope to also conduct community outreach projects in the areas of injury prevention, public safety, and first aid.

Family and Preventive Medicine Interest Group

The UCR Family Medicine Interest Group introduces students to the opportunities and philosophies of family and preventive medicine through various interactive and educational experiences in the UCR community and beyond. This includes mentorship opportunities, training in vital clinical and history-taking skills, and presentations from various family physician members in our community. Our hope is to continue to expand and provide additional opportunities for UCR medical students through future partnership with AAFP.

Health Management Interest Group

The Health Management Interest Group strives to educate medical students about the business aspects of medicine and provide training to help students become exceptional physician executives of tomorrow. Goals of the organization include:

  • Foster the development and growth of medical students interested in holding executive leadership positions of healthcare organizations in the future.
  • Provide leadership and management training for students that focus on enhancing skills in tackling complex business problems in health care.
  • Cultivate an avenue within the school that explores non-clinical but medically related jobs/careers in health care.

Internal Medicine Interest Group

The Internal Medicine Interest Group works to increase medical student awareness in the field of internal medicine. Medical student participants recruit speakers, arrange workshops, and attend internal medicine-related conferences.

Latino Medical Student Association

The purpose of the Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) is to unify and provide a voice to all Latino and underrepresented medical students, and to educate and sensitize the entire medical community to the specific needs and differences of Latino and underrepresented Inland Empire communities regarding health and human well-being. It will be an advocate for the rights of Latinos and underrepresented Inland Empire communities, and it will educate medical students on health issues specific to those communities, while improving the health care delivery to those communities. In addition, it will actively promote the recruitment and retention of Latino and underrepresented students at all levels, and it will retain its members in the health professions programs by supporting academic and social activities and by fostering close ties among its members. LMSA will provide leadership opportunities and promote volunteerism among its members, and it will provide a network with other organizations at the local and national levels to achieve common objectives.

Mini Medical School

The Mini Medical School (MMS) is a pipeline program that works to reduce barriers in communication between health care recipients and to empower IE residents and patients with knowledge that will help prevent and manage their diseases. More information is available at the MMS website.

Obstetrics/Gynecology Interest Group

The Obstetrics/Gynecology Interest Group brings together students interested in the field of obstetrics and gynecology to help gain an understanding of the field of women’s health and learn concepts relating to health maintenance and disease prevention in women.

Pediatric Interest Group

The Pediatrics Interest Group promotes exploration of pediatrics and its sub-specialties, organizing outreach programs, providing opportunities for mentorship and career guidance, and creating greater awareness of issues involving children, their families, and the Riverside community. 

Psychiatry Interest Group

The Psychiatry Interest Group introduces medical students to the specialty of psychiatry by:

  1. Fostering interaction with clinical faculty and community physicians.
  2. Bringing guest speakers to discuss special topics (e.g. forensic psychiatry, work-life balance).
  3. Providing opportunities for shadowing in various settings (outpatient, inpatient, etc.).

Radiology Interest Group

The Radiology Interest Group (RIG) cultivates interest in radiology and advises both those who wish to pursue a career in radiology and those who just want to learn more about imaging.

Surgical Specialty Organization

The UCR School of Medicine Surgical Organization provides an opportunity for students to discuss contemporary surgical issues, including meeting the needs of underserved communities, and interact and exchange ideas with surgical professionals and other students. In addition, the organization:

  • Improves career exploration opportunities in surgical fields by organizing a network of surgeon and surgeon residents from various specialties who are interested in serving as student mentors.
  • Provides elective course/lab to better prepare members and the UCR School of Medicine students for surgical rotations, including critical care procedures, basic surgical techniques and gowning.
  • Creates leadership positions for medical students in the organization who are interested and are actively exploring the research aspect of a surgical field.

Ultrasound Interest Group

The Ultrasound Interest Group is preparing future physicians with information about medical ultrasound, and how ultrasonography can be used to gain information about a patient’s health.