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Research Schedule


MS1-MS3: Practice Improvement Projects (PIP)

During years 1 through 3, students are expected to participate in Practice Improvement Projects (PIP) as part of the Longitudinal Ambulatory Care Experience. In this required component of the undergraduate medical curriculum, students can propose and test experimental approaches to improving clinical practice and care in an actual clinical ambulatory care setting. In the third year, students are also encouraged to write up these research studies for publication.

Post MS1: Summer Research Fellowship

In the summer between the first and second year, medical students can apply for a six-week summer research fellowship. This summer experience comes with stipend from the SOM Financial Aid Office for the fellow and enrollment in a one unit course with UCR Summer Sessions. In the spring of the first year, faculty research projects are identified for summer medical research fellowships.

Most participating faculty are in the Division of Biomedical Sciences, but many others are also doing health-related research in political science, economics, psychology, bioengineering, and anthropology from departments across the UCR campus. There are also participating faculty in the Division of Clinical Sciences doing clinical research and population health research.

In addition to the research fellowships, there are also opportunities for clinical shadowing with SOM affiliated clinical partners, as well as mentoring opportunities with our SOM Pipeline Programs.

Download the Summer Externship Opportunities Brochure for 2022

MS3: Ongoing Clinical Research

As part of the clinical clerkship experience students will have opportunities to participate in ongoing clinical research projects.

MS4: Research Rotations

During the fourth year, students have the opportunity to receive academic credit for up to two separate four-week research electives. The research project is approved in advance by the senior associate dean for research, and the requirements for satisfactory completion of this elective include prior agreement with a SOM faculty mentor who will also provide a written evaluation at the end of the elective, and a written report from the student, which can be in the form of a brief scientific report, a draft manuscript, or poster.

About MS4 Research Rotations